About - SeasideMetalDesign

Custom Metal Art Inspired by the Sea

Who hasn't heard from someone more knowledgeable than ourselves that the key to happiness is to do what you what you love? Even before I really knew anything about life, I was an 16 year old with a passion for working on motorcycles. No rhyme or reason to why, I just did. As I aged, my love for motorcycles turned into a love for anything with a motor- anything I could build with my own hands. Over the years, I have learned as much as I can about what makes things tick- until I discovered metal working. To me, metal had always been a means to something bigger, more masterful- like a massive piece of machinery. The purpose of metal was to build other things. That was, until I discovered how versatile and beautiful metal could be on its own. I am also a US Army Veteran and together with my wife and 4 children, we are creating something new piece by piece, "doing what we love" only miles away from The Worlds Most Famous Beach.

We are a small, family run shop. Each order is unique. We are not a large production shop that churns out hundreds of identical items at a time. Each piece is important to us, as your individual piece is made to order by Theo's capable hands. Our customers are important to us. We want you to know that you are special when we create each piece specifically for your order. Thank you for choosing us to decorate your home or office.

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